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Family constellation

Working with family's generational lines

"Having done family constellations over twenty years ago in a group workshop setting, I was unsure of what to expect with my 1 to 1 session. It’s incredible to me what can be achieved in such a short space of time with a few peg dolls and a great therapist! In just one session I felt lighter, like a big weight had been lifted. Some situations that I wasn’t able to process are clear to me now. I felt powerful shifts during and after the session and have been feeling incredibly peaceful for the past week. I am stunned at how effective this is. Jenny is a truly gifted therapist- compassionate, kind, strong and a true healing presence."

In person and online session with messenger, skype, whatsapp or we can use zoom if you provide a link.


I offer a 2-hour individual treatment divided into

  • exploring your story and challenges

  • family constellation work

Family constellation is a powerful way to explore hidden dynamics related to personal or/and professional challenges you are experiencing.

What is individual family constellation?

Done with little peg dolls and objects, we use them to delve into your history, your dynamics, your relationships, your emotions and more to find out blockages, repeated patterns, stuck emotions... to help you shift or release what no longer helps you. When at loss, overwhelmed and unable to see why certain things are happening, family constellation is a great tool to observe a new perspective and allow changes.


This is for anyone including people who can't attend workshops, prefers to be alone to deal with an issue and/or can’t be touched with massage, which can happen when you experienced trauma.

The issues will vary widely depending on what you want to work on.  


​Some of the possible benefits of Family constellation therapy:

  • Deep resolution of any current conflicts, challenges

  • Deep understanding of what affects you, how and why

  • Emotions released

  • Shifted patterns

  • New perspectives

  • New decisions coming your way

  • Change in family dynamics

  • Resolved issues

  • Health improvement

  • Better self esteem

  • Sense of relief


How to prepare yourself:

Be open minded.

Any subject can come up during one treatment. It can be linked to present life, past life, karma, transgenerational trauma or anything else. I work with what comes up. Bear in mind, this is a teamwork between you and me.

My main concern is to support you to willingly move forward in your life.


Highly allergic women should be aware that I own a cat.

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