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Family constellation

Working with family's generational lines

"Having done family constellations over twenty years ago in a group workshop setting, I was unsure of what to expect with my 1 to 1 session. It’s incredible to me what can be achieved in such a short space of time with a few peg dolls and a great therapist! In just one session I felt lighter, like a big weight had been lifted. Some situations that I wasn’t able to process are clear to me now. I felt powerful shifts during and after the session and have been feeling incredibly peaceful for the past week. I am stunned at how effective this is. Jenny is a truly gifted therapist- compassionate, kind, strong and a true healing presence."


In person and online session with messenger, skype, whatsapp or we can use zoom if you provide a link.


Done with little peg dolls and objects, they are used instead of people and help us to look at any issues and release them. This is for anyone who can't attend workshops, prefers to be alone to deal with an issue and/or can not be touched with massage, which can happen when someone experienced trauma.  Session lasts aprox 2h.

The issues that come up will vary widely depending on what you want to work on.  

I will try below to give you as simple as possible an idea of the background to family constellation and how it can work, but bear in mind that it can present itself in many ways so these ideas are not set in stone, just examples of what might arise in the session.

One of the ideas behind family constellation is that a person’s native country creates an ‘egregore’ (or ‘collective group form’) which can influence the thoughts of its people through their cultural identity. When we are born to a place, we unconsciously join this ‘egregore’ in order to identify with it.

When we identify with the country, there is also a possibility that we will identify with the traumas or difficulties that the country has suffered, whether this be because the country experienced war, torture, sexual violence, the upheaval of revolution or slavery. This is one of the reasons that the atmosphere of places in the world can feel different. An example of this would be Germany in the Second World War where we can see that a lot of Germans still carry the weight of the Holocaust even though recent generations did not participate in it. We see that the country can carry this burden as a whole, but at the same time that individuals can carry the burden of their ancestors’ guilt or involvement.  Similar situations can be seen in every single part of the world. As a young German person today you could be carrying the guilt, anger and shame of your ancestors as well as their pain, whether they were a perpetrator or a victim. If you consider the history of the planet and what events may have happened in each country, this can equally apply to the whole world!  So in this way, everyone is affected by worldwide events which  have happened in the past and which continue to occur today.

Another facet of family constellation work that we look at is the family's generational lines. Over time, individual experiences are passed on from one generation to another. We can look at how we inherit behaviors from our parents whether they are positive or negative.  Sometimes the behaviors happen because we are trying to be like our parents, and sometimes because we do everything in our power to be different!  But in any case, we are subconsciously affected by what has happened with our parents, and we act accordingly. 

An example of how your family or ancestors can affect you is a situation where they have been victims of racism. Whether your family left the country or not due to the problems they were experiencing, you are still likely to be carrying some of the burden of what they endured.  This could appear in your life as uncontrollable anger, often finding yourself in a situation where you experience racism, acts of self-sabotage, deep sorrow that doesn’t appear to have a reason behind it, or feeling constantly unsettled even though you want to be settled. It could also be the case that a grandparent had an illness or disease, and parents ended up having it too, and you are left wondering whether you will have the same illness, or even whether you already do.


On a more personal level it is also possible that we will be affected by a situation where the dynamics of the family we are born into are difficult, and where we feel that there may be hidden secrets, violence or other unknown situations.

Family constellation also looks at issues such as miscarriages, abortions, vanishing twins and those who have passed away. I help do work that enables souls to cross over. This is because when people die, they do not always end up going where they are supposed to.  They may, through their pain, anger and fears, hang on to the Living. It is also possible however that the Living may be hanging on to the Dead, creating dysfunction within the family’s energy. I have seen people who have passed away and want to be released, but who are not able to achieve this because the Living hang on to them subconsciously or consciously. I have seen situations where those who have passed away just wanted love and to be acknowledged as a member of the family. Some were angry, some were ashamed, and helping them to cross over will be beneficial to them and to you and will restore balance.

When you look at the above possibilities of what family constellation can bring, and add them together, it creates many hidden dynamics which affect us in every way possible, and on a day-to-day basis. These can create patterns on a personal scale, and in the wider sense, on a worldwide scale.

Family constellations can help us to work through all these aspects. We can bring them fully to our awareness in order to find peace, resolution, the release of personal and family (trans-generational) trauma, and any other issues that may arise. Each session brings with it a group who will support each other, so this is a mutual exchange. Groups with international members that I have facilitated have already experienced sessions where deep healing has occurred in a number of ways; regarding their upbringing and culture, racism, love, physical and sexual violence… This can sound a little scary but family constellations are an excellent tool for deep healing to enable you to find the true you. It will make the unseen seen, so you can find resolution in your life. You do not need to know your history to participate and find resolution. The other members of the group will help you to access this.

I can also add that people who experience difficulty or sensitivity in terms of physical contact/touch, due to various issues including trauma, can heal on a very deep level using group or individual constellation. The latter is done on a one-to-one basis, using small objects to represent others, instead of interacting with group members.

The examples and explanations I have given on this page are not the only reasons you may choose to attend a group session.  If you feel that anything is bothering you and think this group situation might help, or you are simply curious, you are very welcome to come along.

Highly allergic women should be aware that I own a cat.

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