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I went for massage at Jenny's several times and Jenny certainly puts 100% into her work. She is able to point out and connect underlying issues to your muscle pain and guide you to see the solution yourself rather than giving you a "prescription" of what to do. highly recommended!


Back in August 2018, I had my first Essenian-Egytian session with Jenny. I had no idea what to expect, so just went with the flow and was taken aback with how well my body responded to the treatment. Since then we have worked on a number of physical and emotional issues, with some transformational results. I find our sessions more beneficial than anything else I've tried before, as well as relaxing and really enjoyable, which is why I've continued to this day. Jenny is incredibly talented and works in great depth, she is compassionate and caring, which is why I trust her completely.


Hi Jenny, just would like to send a huge thanks for your wonderful job. Essenian-Egytian therapies with you are truly an unbelievable experience. Every single session is a massive step forward, eye opening and balancing. Never felt so well grounded even in the crazy mess of every day life. Can not wait to see you again soon. Great job. You are really a gem! Thank you.


I have had many massages with Jenny and am always amazed at the level of research and self development she does to develop as a practitioner. Her treatments are truly holistic and she works in a unique way that fuses mind, body and soul. I have also undertaken a family constellation session and did not expect it to be so powerful and therapeutic. If you are looking for a deep treatment that integrates the body with the emotions then please try Jenny. She is deeply committed to supporting you with healing.


My first time doing a family constellation, I didn’t know what to expect. Jenny was great at explaining things in a clear way, and guiding us gently through the constellation work. Very eye opening experience, I definitely recommend it

Nada Ali

Having done family constellations over twenty years ago in a group workshop setting, I was unsure of what to expect with my 1 to 1 session. It’s incredible to me what can be achieved in such a short space of time with a few peg dolls and a great therapist! In just one session I felt lighter, like a big weight had been lifted. Some situations that I wasn’t able to process are clear to me now. I felt powerful shifts during and after the session and have been feeling incredibly peaceful for the past week. I am stunned at how effective this is. Jenny is a truly gifted therapist- compassionate, kind, strong and a true healing presence.


On my journey through healing I've met Jenny and I felt comfortable straight away to work with her .I felt I could trust her, appreciate her honesty and directness, and without a doubt she put 100% of what she is on what she does. I was looking for a different experience and I've found it ! Forever grateful


I have visited Jenny a few times and every time I have learnt a little more about myself! I guess she can see the bigger picture that we sometimes cannot see or refuse to see. I am amazed at the results, both physically and mentally. For example, I used to get a very stiff neck every so often and after visiting Jenny my neck has been fine for many years. I have also learnt to love myself and to open my heart. I feel happy with myself and my life. I would recommend for anyone to visit Jenny if you really want to heal from your heart.


I am deeply grateful for Jenny’s knowledge and expertise. I’ve suffered from body pain for many years.
I’ve tried numerous healing methods: physiotherapy, chiropractic care, sports, and medical massage, to name a few. Although I felt better during these treatments, the pain often began to return by the time I reached home.
Working in the science and tech field, I was initially skeptical of alternative therapies. However, there came a point when I was willing to try anything, and I’m so glad I reached out to Jenny.
Not only do I feel better during Jenny’s treatments, but my condition doesn’t worsen on my way home. In fact, it continues to improve over the subsequent weeks.
I believe this is because Jenny diligently works to uncover the root of the issue. She delves into the emotional triggers, which I’ve come to realize can often be the underlying cause of many of our ailments. These triggers are frequently overlooked by more conventional therapies from my experience.


I found session with Jenny very powerful and insightful. I have done family constellation session. I could feel shifts in the energy and relief when we work together. After session I felt stronger, clearer and could see brighter future. 


I have been blown away and grateful for the family constellation work I've done with Jenny. Enjoyable? Not always, worthwhile? Without a doubt!! Thank you Jenny. See you in the new year for some more unraveling.


I attended a constellation workshop today and Jenny was a amazing facilitator. A lovely warm , compassionate and intuitive lady . The workshop was eye opening and powerful and Jenny is very knowledgeable. I will be attending again in the future . Thank you for a lovely day .


After ten minutes talking I could see how Jenny's intuition began to do its job. After the massage (I felt already trully happy and relaxed) she made me repeat some sentences after her. She knew exactly what "key" she had to press. I could feel how a very deep and hidden feeling/attachment that had been with me probably before I was born was relieved, going exactly where it was supposed to be and everything felt so right.
Thanks to what I learned in that session I brought my mother's family a bit closer.
Thank you for doing what you do Jenny, thank you for making this world a better place.

Maria D L V.

I had an amazing experience in both services - a massage and constellations. It gave me answers I have been seeking for years I was impressed by the depth of communication and understanding. Happy to recommend to anyone who feels lost or stuck in life The answers are within us and it takes a professional help to see them!


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