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Therapeutic massage

Grow trough massage

I went for massage at Jenny's several times and Jenny certainly puts 100% into her work. She is able to point out and connect underlying issues to your muscle pain and guide you to see the solution yourself rather than giving you a "prescription" of what to do. highly recommended!


Therapeutic Massage sessions are usually divided in three parts: medical/family history, massage/emotional release, energetic work. They last two hours .

Massages are usually strong because I use the palm of my hands to break down the muscles. Tension has usually built up over a lifetime, creating restrictions of movements and energy both inside and out.

Sometimes people can’t bear the pressure or indeed to be touched. In such cases I can employ a lighter, minimised touch combined with energetic work and emotional release. When necessary this approach is discussed before the session.

I decided to bring physical, emotional and spiritual work together because I saw that some people understand what is going on within themselves, but are unable to shake off their trauma while others have yet to gain insight and feel completely ‘stuck’.

Talking about issues only has its limitations. I have researched and experienced the process of bringing body work into the picture. I understand that focusing on emotions and spirituality combined with massage is a good way to heal on a much deeper level, to dispel patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviors that no longer help us.

During the session, I massage the abdominal cavity including organs such as intestines, liver and stomach. According to Chinese medicine, organs store emotions. I personally experienced the truth of it when I started to cry after a simple abdominal massage. My aim is to bring to the surface what is deeply buried so you don’t have to keep these emotions locked in and affecting you in your life choices.

On the physiological side, my approach is about allowing bowel movement and give more space for the toxins which will be released during the session. Stress creates tension and tension restricts movement, creating less space for the digestive organs. When everything is tense in the abdominal cavity, it creates breathing restrictions. Breathing restrictions create more stress, and so on. By supporting the abdominal area, we can help to release tension in the body.

You will also probably learn that when you feel your stomach hurts, you may actually be experiencing intestinal discomfort or pain. Intestines are very often in poor conditions due to the food we eat every day, but also due to repressed emotions. Healthy intestines are highly important. They allow the absorption of nutrients and vitamins. If you don’t absorb properly, your body become dysfunctional, and this affects your mood.

Each time someone doesn’t feel good, I advise to do a blood test or to work with a nutritionist. I realised I became depressed due to the lack of Iron and Vitamin C. Once this had been balanced, I felt much better. Healthy digestive organs are vital. Nutrition can be quite complicated so I regularly suggest to anyone who attends my sessions to try to work with a nutritional professional.

I will guide you through emotional release, helping you to see what needs to be seen in order to support your healing. Throughout this work, my aim is integration: to connect you to your body, to realise the changes happening within and how traumatic events affect you.

Mind work is not enough to release trauma and issues; we need to work with the body as well.

The session will finish with a less physical form of energetic work. I will barely touch you as I put my hands on different places to balance the energetic side of your body. This process differs according to your individual needs and characteristics.

Any subject can come up during one session. It can be linked to present life, past life, karma, transgenerational trauma or anything else. I am very open minded and work with what comes up during the session. Bear in mind, this is a team work between you and me.

My main concern is to support you to willingly move forward in your life.


Highly allergic women should be aware that I own a cat.

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