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Essenian-Egyptian therapies

Hi Jenny, just would like to send a huge thanks for your wonderful job. Essenian-Egytian therapies with you are truly an unbelievable experience. Every single session is a massive step forward, eye opening and balancing. Never felt so well grounded even in the crazy mess of every day life. Can not wait to see you again soon. Great job. You are really a gem! Thank you.


There are many healing methods available and choosing one can be overwhelming.


I always advise to feel what attracts you. Sometimes it is not necessary to know details but to feel in your body if the therapy and the therapist are good for you. To help with your choice, I will describe briefly the Essenian-Egyptian Therapies.

During my four years training, we practiced on each other, and I felt first-hand the healing power of these therapies, a gentle yet powerful energy working on the body, mind and spirit to reach the heart of the issues.

The therapist, through his/her hands channelled Universal energy to the person in need of healing and the quality of the energy received depends, not only, on how the healer is opened but also if the person is able to accept it. This is why sessions are different from a therapist to another and from a session to another.

The therapies work mostly with the chakras, the nadis and the organs.

They can work with any emotional, spiritual or physical issues, chronic or acute illnesses and as a support to ongoing treatments.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of ailments the therapies can help with:

Feeling of suffocation

Female infertility

Hepatitis A, B, C

High blood pressure

Intestines issues, mild to severe

Immune system disorder

Irregular menstrual cycle

Multiple sclerosis

Miscarriages, abortion

Menopause, perimenopause

Obsessive compulsive disorder


Panic disorder

Poor blood circulation in the legs

Pregnancy related issues

Renal failure


Sleep apnoea

Strains, sprains

Thyroid issues




Burn out/exhaustion


Breast cancer

Breast lumps/nodules



Depression /feeling depressed





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