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Essenian-Egyptian Therapies

The Art (Heart) of Healing.

Essenian and Egyptian therapies are re-emerging today thanks to Daniel Meurois, a wonderful French writer who lives in Canada with his wife, Marie Johanne Croteau. Since 1984, through channelling* and travelling in the Akashic records**, he has been gathering knowledge relayed in The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies. They both started teaching a few years ago, and since then other teachers have joined them, slowly helping to spread the word about these therapies which were last used two thousand years ago by the Essenians and Egyptians – hence the name Daniel and Marie Johanne chose to describe them.

The Essenian communities were found in small villages in Galilee where they maintained a life based on physical, mental and moral purity, practising some traditions of Judaism and developing close relationships with the Egyptians. They were very connected to Nature and considered Life and its forces Sacred.

At the request of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Akhenaten, a small group of Egyptians brought structure and clarity to the therapies which at the time were shared mostly through oral tradition. Designated as the guardians, they passed this knowledge on to a smaller group of people within the Hebrews. The Egyptians were intrinsically connected to the Spiritual world, including Spirits and multidimensional Beings, and through communication with these entities and experimentation they learned to understand the subtle anatomy of the human body. This is why Daniel Meurois qualifies these therapies as ‘cosmic and timeless’: the therapies were not created by the Egyptians and Essenians but transmitted to them; although their origin is a universal Source, hence it cannot be determined. These therapies are highly connected to Energy and other non-Earthly entities, but mostly Love, Compassion and Faith.

The method which I came across is very simple, and while it can be similar to hands-on healing techniques, there is more to it. We as therapists need to understand and feel the subtle energies of the body of the patient as well as its energy network. The transformation which occurs within the patient during and after the session is part of the symbiosis between the Sacred Energy from Heaven, the therapist and the patient. The Sacred Energy travels from Heaven through the therapist, who acts as a channel between the patient and Heaven (Divine presence). It is also necessary for the therapist to develop Compassion, Faith and Love towards him or herself and others, as well as Life, because this will influence the healing session greatly. I personally felt my sessions were influenced not only by my own state of mind but also the patient’s, and the energy passing through me has also differed greatly from one person to another, depending on their needs at the time.

The Egyptians already knew to look at the body as a whole and considered illnesses the meeting point of individuals with themselves. The patient, at a crossroads in their life, needed to look at their emotional and mental state as well as the beliefs conditioning and orienting their behaviour. The roots of their issues were not always directly connected to their symptoms, so healing needed to take place on a much deeper level, in connection to the Soul.

Essenians and Egyptians emphasised the importance of the energetic masses created by Human thoughts (thought forms), which for most are at the origin of health issues. They weaken and break the human Aura (energy field around the body) and also attract toxic organisms from the lower astral plane***. Considering the number of Human Beings on Earth today and the amount of Human thoughts we all generate, this is still a very real and beneficial healing approach. We are all bathing in negative thoughts every day – not just our own, but also collective ones – and it does affect us deeply.

Their first step was to clear the subtle energies of the body before healing the body itself. They encouraged people to change their lifestyle in order to understand the meaning of their health issues, to take responsibility in their own healing and to question their relationship with their own life. If the Egyptians didn’t look into the Soul and only looked at the body, they considered their work incomplete and knew the symptoms would reappear elsewhere. Spirit and matter could not be separated.

I propose the approach developed by Daniel Meurois and Marie Johanne Croteau. The sessions vary from one person to another, and also from one session to another. Often people report experiencing a very gentle but still powerful and loving energy, resulting in tears and eventually falling asleep or becoming drowsy. Also commonly reported are the surfacing of different emotions, images, thoughts and/or different areas of pain and release.

The therapies look at the person as a whole and are also compatible with modern and alternative medicine.

* In this case: Being contacted by a Spirit/Spiritual Being to communicate through the person, using his/her body/voice to deliver messages.

** Universal library or Universe’s super computer system where everything is recorded.

*** There is different levels in the astral plane. The lower one is a shady dark realm where everything is distorted and a lot of negative emotions can be found, such as hate and fear.

Sessions can be done physically or within distance.


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