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Healing the Living through the Deceased

Death, an inevitable but much avoided subject.

These last few years, what place in our life did we give to our Dead? Many losses and many people who were prevented to say goodbye and grieve. This will crystalize in the body, become a trauma for people, transgenerational trauma for the future generations and a collective one for the world.

I never gave many thoughts about what happens after Death until my first family constellation years ago. Since then, I learned to help the Deceased to cross over when needed during sessions. For many, it might feel unreal, but I have seen how it affects the Living. In different cultures across the planet, the Dead are honoured in many ways, but we lost that connection and Death became a moment to fear so intensely we avoid life altogether.

No one can face for us our final hours, being scared is normal but not to the point of sacrificing Life itself.

Making peace with the ones who already passed away, giving them the freedom to move on and continue their path in the afterlife is important. Each time we do this work in constellation, the person feels instantly a shift in their body, something lighter, some even get physical pain gone the next day or a few days later and thoughts can also become clearer.

Coco - Pixar cartoon 2018

Providing we are ready, the work in constellation allows to re-establish a better balance between the Dead and the Living, between what belongs to them and what belongs to us. It allows us to let go of what we carry out of Love or/and our resentment towards the ones we even cut ties with. There is so much to clear and discover, this specific work welcomes us back into living our life. Finding who we are starts with who and what we are not.

When parts of ourselves are still connected to the Deceased who haven’t crossed over, we lose energy and become drained, we can develop illnesses because we are subconsciously in between two worlds, we can repeat trauma or be stuck into an unfinished business, living the life of the Dead instead of ours. Helping them to cross over allow them to find peace, to continue to grow and to heal while guided by Beings more equipped than we are here on Earth.

I cannot say for certain this is the truth but there are many people who experienced NDE (Near Death Experience) and reported similar stories, some witnessed their loved ones, during their final hours, talking to other loved ones who already passed away.

What matters to me is that it works and after sessions many reported a positive difference in their life or/and their body and that is enough for me.

Jenny Briard - Peaceful Willow Healing Therapies.


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