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A customer requested an individual family constellation session to clear all of her past relationships that affected her deeply. She wanted a full closure to open up space and meet someone new who would love and respect her. We cleared some of her remnant negative emotions and beliefs attached to these relationships. Unexpectedly during the following weeks, other relationships not represented during this session reached out to her after many years to either apologise or ask her how she was. Surprised and warmly touched she felt comforted and realised she indeed mattered for some, even though she believed she didn’t.

Another customer requested a massage session and we connected with family members who departed in order to let them go, but mostly let go of difficult emotions attached to the loss. The next day a random person contacted her to talk about someone specific we brought up during the session. They met and through sharing stories she connected better with her family, her roots and so herself.

As far as my personal experience goes, energy work opened doors years ago about a different kind of healing and it answered all of my questions. The first time I did a family constellation workshop, during the same evening when I looked into my eyes in the mirror, I saw a part of myself I had lost a long time ago come back to me. It was so gratifying and encouraging to pursue energy work even though it was not easy.

Energy work can bring lovely surprised sometimes when we least expect it. They can be subtle or obvious, but slowly it helps us to understand ourselves better, let go of what no longer helps us, which are usually memories, emotions from the past and learn to tend better to our own needs.


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